ExecuCare PLUS Services

With busy schedules and worry about changes in insurance plans, many of our patients have expressed an interest in receiving a premium healthcare service beyond what their insurers provide. Therefore, we have created HymanHealth ExecuCare PLUS Services.

More about ExecuCare PLUS Services

There is an old saying that Health is our Greatest Wealth. For many of us, it takes an illness of a loved one or our own self to realize this. We have developed our program with this in mind.

We recognize that executives, entertainers, athletes and other highly active individuals look for the utmost skill and dedication in their teams and advisors. Many are searching for a “Chief Health Advisor” to guide them – and frequently their colleagues and families – in both care and wellness. Dr. Hyman and our ExecuCare PLUS Services may be their answer.

The goal of our program is to provide an advanced level of preventive care and service not found in most medical practices. In addition to our in-office state-of-science technology used for diagnostic testing, we provide the utmost privacy and personalized medicine for a productive, efficient and highly interactive doctor visit experience.

ExecuCare PLUS Services

What are the HymanHealth ExecuCare PLUS Services?
As an ExecuCare PLUS Services member you will receive the following:

Dr. Hyman will perform an annual Executive Physical with follow-up consultations as needed. See our Executive Physical section on our website for a list of the comprehensive tests.
Dr. Hyman will recommend a lifestyle programs tailored to your needs
Subscription to Dr. Hyman’s online Health Updates section in which he summarizes and analyzes the latest medical studies to provide you with easily understood and usable information for you and your family
Priority in scheduling appointments – usually the same day or next day
Minimal wait time – less than ten minutes in most cases
Unlimited office visits and lab testing for an entire year after your ExecuCare physical examination
Prompt return of phone calls during office hours and emergency calls during off hours
Referrals to specialists that Dr. Hyman recognizes as trusted experts in their medical field
Administration of any missing vaccinations for a reduced fee
As an FAA-certified examiner, Dr. Hyman can conduct the annual exam required by non-commercial airline pilots

Spouses and Corporate Packages

We welcome your spouse or significant other, and children aged 16 or older, to undergo our executive physicals with you. For larger companies and firms, special pricing may apply for multiple enrollees.
Please contact us for package pricing and more details.

ExecuCare PLUS Services