HymanHealth ExecuCare

Program Overview

Hyman Health’s ExecuCare Program offers a 360-degree, customized approach to health and wellness for executives, as well as their spouses and grown children. We combine our comprehensive executive physical examination with ongoing medical services and wellness guidance, incorporating alternative medicine and nutrition principles. We listen to our patients and serve as their “Chief Health Advisor” to help them to maintain optimum health and excel in their demanding and often stress-filled lives.

We have thoughtfully amassed the most extensive in-office advanced screening equipment of any practice or clinic on the Westside – even universities. This includes several unique state-of-science testing machines not found elsewhere – all within the convenience and privacy of our offices.   
Unlike giant clinics around the country in which a team of rotating physicians conduct executive physicals,
Dr. Hyman conducts the physical, discusses the results with you and is available to provide you with ongoing private internal medicine services. He gets to know your health challenges, goals and history intimately to provide the highest level of care. 

The Hyman Health ExecuCare Program begins with an exhaustive diagnostic physical. While extensive, the average physical takes only about three-to-five hours because of our in-office efficiencies.

Package Programs
Your spouse, adult children colleagues and other companions are invited to participate in the Hyman Health ExecuCare experience, too. We can devise packages for more than one participant so that you can share the peace of mind.

Schedule Your Executive Physical
To schedule your executive physical or learn more about Hyman Health’s ExecuCare Program, please call 310-234-0400