Providing “wholehealth” care to the patients


Dr. Hyman approaches his role as internist with a passion and dedication that is contagious. Our highly qualified HymanHealth team is equally as passionate about providing patients with exceptional care.

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PLUS Services

At HymanHealth, we serve as the primary care provider to a wide range of patients. As an out-of-network provider, we offer both traditional and PLUS Services, which are a blend of the best features from concierge medicine and wellness or preventive care practices. See our ExecuCare PLUS section for more information on these services.

Program Overview

HymanHealth is focused on providing “wholehealth” care to its patients. As an internist, Dr. Hyman views himself as a “Chief Health Advisor” – often a detective in finding what’s behind various symptoms and aches, a diagnostician utilizing the latest medical technology for assessments and preventive care, a personal physician who knows your family’s health history; a health counselor to help you to navigate wellness, treat illnesses and manage diseases; and, a consultant to ask a myriad of questions about medicine, nutrition and exercise or the latest clinical trial results of a promising treatment.

In a patient-physician relationship, bedside manner and communications are just as important as the medical team’s education, experience and reputation. At HymanHealth, we all embrace a “bedside” philosophy grounded in demonstrating respect and empathy for patients, maintaining professionalism and high equality in everything we do, and listening to our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

An internist is a physician who specializes in medical care of adolescents and adults. An internist is known in many different ways: as a detective, diagnostician, personal physician, health counselor, consultant or the general practitioner “GP.” To achieve this level of expertise requires four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of internship, two years of residency, multiple certifying examinations and continuing education.

The best way to help yourself with medical questions is to see your internist first. Remember, common things happen commonly, most problems have been seen many times before by the doctor. At times, a symptom you have may be related to another part of your body or to your past history – only the internist watches the whole person. Use your internist as your quarterback, coach, chief health advisor; let him guide you through the medical care maze. In return, you won’t be a “tree lost in the forest;” one person will be there to coordinate your healthcare. If you have to see a specialist, it is best to let your doctor send you. Whenever possible, call ahead to make an appointment and bring in a list of questions. This small effort will allow you to make the most of each visit.

Our office offers you personal responsiveness and service, and like other professional and medical services, requires payment at the time of your visit. With our advanced computerized billing system, we can provide you with an itemized statement. You can send this to your insurance company for reimbursement. While we are not an in-network provider, patients usually get some reimbursement from their insurance company depending on their specific plan and deductible. Insurance companies may reimburse patients at arbitrary levels, below any customary level for our location, often without regard to your true needs. Therefore, we offer a ExecuCare program for those who desire a premium services arrangement with Dr. Hyman. The ExecuCare program guarantees your costs for an entire year. Ask us for more information. In addition, some corporations provide Executive Health Care benefits for key employees that allow you to chose any physician based on qualifications, not an insurer-determined network. Many companies provide all employees with a Medical Flexible Spending account so that non-reimbursed payments can be billed through an employee-funded, tax-free account. Ask your employer or insurance company for more information. You may also contact our billing professional, with any questions or concerns that may arise.

PatientCare Providing “wholehealth” care to the patients pationcare


PatientCare Providing “wholehealth” care to the patients PatientCare PatientCare