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Travel Medicine

HymanHeath’s patients frequently travel internationally – whether on business or pleasure. Trips to exotic locations – and even some not-so-exotic locations – require pre-travel precautions to avoid contracting severe illnesses.

Patient Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization
European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

Program Overview

Dr. Hyman is also a travel-medicine specialist that counsels his patients on the appropriate vaccinations and preventive medicine before international trips.

HymanHealth maintains a supply of vaccines and medications to help prevent the following Illnesses: meningitis, polio, hepatitis A & B, pneumonia, influenza, malaria, typhoid fever and yellow fever. HymanHealth is certified by the California Department of Public Health to administer the yellow fever vaccine. Several countries in sub-Saharan Africa and sometimes others require yellow fever vaccinations prior to entering their countries or in order to obtain an entry visa. HymanHealth will issue an International Certificate of Immunization on the day of your yellow fever immunization.

Please visit the Center for Disease Control’s Website to find out whether the country you are visiting requires any special vaccines or has any health advisories.

Dr. Hyman will also provide you with tips to further avoid contagions and risks, depending on where your travel takes you. We encourage you to take the necessary actions before traveling abroad to prevent serious diseases.

We recommend seeing Dr. Hyman at least 4-6 weeks prior to departure to obtain proper immunizations and give them time to activate. Even if it is less than four weeks prior to your trip, please see us for as much preventive care as possible.


TravelCare and require pre-travel precautions to avoid contracting severe illnesses